Hanging technology thrown into the trend of the development of the new direction of logistics and transport

2015-12-28 11:43:02

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's logistics industry, simple point to point transport we have been unable to meet the basic needs of most customers, while the use of rejection hanging transport mode, is an important way to solve this problem. Faced with the situation of today's domestic logistics inefficiencies inherent "a car for a hanging" in the form of greatly limits the efficiency improvement. And promote rejection hanging transport, the use of "more than one car hanging" form, can reach people kept parking Express Logistics effect, improve vehicle utilization, but also can improve the efficiency of logistics.


Recently, the Second China Summit held in Jinan rejection hanging transport. The summit was in 2014 on the basis of the first rejection hanging transport Wuhan Summit successfully held on the second in the country gathered rejection hanging transport administrations leaders, industry experts, entrepreneurs, specifications comprehensive upgrade of rejection hanging transport the development of a number of topics in-depth discussion on how to develop rejection hanging transport once again become an important proposition.

The development needs of multi-leveraging

It is reported that the rejection hanging transport summit, brought together many rejection hanging transport administrations leaders nationwide, industry experts, entrepreneurs, the rejection of a number of issues linked to transport development in depth. China Logistics Association executive vice president of Dai one that "rejection linked to logistics and transport involves the most basic technology, called the container unit technology, container cell technology is the only impact of logistics technology worldwide, all technologies affecting logistics, rejection hanging transport only in the field of logistics which is to promote not move in the upstream and downstream logistics make it known, will benefit. "

Deputy Director of Transportation Services Division at the Ministry of Transport and freight logistics Yu Xingyuan against rejection hanging transport overseas developments, and the rejection of the policy implementation effect linked aspects of the problem next policy orientation and other aspects are analyzed in detail. "At present, the transportation departments and logistics companies rejection hanging transport levels and work enthusiasm, Shandong, Liaoning and Liaoning provinces Lu opened cargo transport channel rejection linked, saving logistics costs, improve transport efficiency."

Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport Jing Gu Yan believes that "Internet +" does not change the nature of cargo and economies of scale, there is no change in the professional features and user-oriented principle, has not changed the nature of the quality of the supremacy of the freight industry. Jing Gu Yan believes that in the future direction of development toward the freight should produce a premium brand, the scale of lower costs and network assurance services direction.

Rejection hanging transport applications at home and abroad

This year, with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance released the fourth installment of the highway rejection hanging transport pilot, a pilot project to meet "along the way", the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, the theme of the pilot national economic development strategy of the Yangtze River economic belt project focusing on cooperation between enterprises around the alliance rejection hanging transport, inter-regional network-based rejection hanging transport, trunk and branch lines rejection hanging transport, multimodal transport and other topics rejection linked to carry. Rejection hanging transport projects has gradually come to our side, and domestic and foreign situation there is a big gap.

Rejection hanging transport in foreign countries started in the 1940s, due to the mating humpback transport and ro-ro transport emerged, which then extended to the freight business, has developed into the mainstream of European and American countries mode of transport, almost all large enterprises have adopted dumped Hanging transportation. Rejection hanging transport of goods accounted for 70% -80% of the total cargo turnover.

Features developed transport vehicles is the high proportion of semi-trailer, the state of development of rejection hanging transport has a policy of encouragement, mainly used in the warehouse to the port, warehouse or yard Distributed arrival station transport. US rejection hanging transport equipment to the van-based, to carry out rejection hanging transport LTL freight, and China at this point is different. Van trailer holdings, sales accounted for about 70% of all types of trailers.

Among them, the largest proportion of the long head 6 × 4 tractor trailer van matching the second axis, accounting for about 90% of van semi-trailer. Van trailer annual demand of about 200,000 -25 million. At present, the proportion of US tractor and trailer about 3. Cargo van inside the trailer may be pre-loaded by the sorting center, pulled by a tractor trailer and then transported to the next transfer station to remove the box, the whole process has perfect information system regulation.

Australia featured in the rejection hanging transport is the "road trains", ie a tractor pulling multiple trailers can be towed 3-6 cars, with a total length of over 40 meters, used for ore mine in Western Australia transport activities. A multi-hang pull mode is very rare in the country, due to policy reasons, such modes of transport in the country is not in line with the road regulations, so the case of a tractor pulling a trailer in the country more than some large ports found only inside the container transport service.

Domestic developments and policy support

For domestic rejection hanging transport development environment, Shandong Province, seven years ago has begun work. Provincial Department of Transportation Transportation member Gao Hongtao in an interview, said: "Shandong Province launched in 2007 rejection hanging transport, as the country carried out the first rejection hanging transport of province of Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation seize the opportunity to co-ordinate planning, policy lead pilot, do a good job supporting the optimization of the environment, rejection hanging transport stage work marked success.

Shandong Province Department of Transportation will swing hanging transport development as 'large logistics' and an important entry point to promote the transformation and upgrading of the transportation industry, has now explore the formation of the Bohai Bay ro rejection hanging, container collection and distribution rejection linked, LTL line rejection hanging DG rejection linked and South Korea international land and sea transport and other distinctive swing hanging, effective rejection hanging transport mode of operation, and achieved good economic and social benefits. However, the rejection hanging transport gradual improvement in the development environment, but also faces many difficulties, there is uneven development, difficult to implement support policies and other issues linked to the rejection of information technology, to play the role of rejection linked to other aspects of the union is still great room for improvement. "

At present, Shandong Province, aimed at rejection linked to the size of the province accounted for freight transport overall size is still low, the rejection hanging transport there is much room for development. The pace of development is not balanced in all regions, Yantai, Weihai and other land and sea transport rejection hanging transport started earlier, has formed a certain scale; and Shandong Province, central and western rejection hanging transport started late, some of the relevant government departments and freight business rejection linked to the development of transport is also a lack of deep understanding, in some places has not been linked to the development of rejection and the promotion of road freight transport industry transformation and upgrading work closely together.

It is understood that, at present, Shandong provincial support policy has been basically completed the layout, but in the actual implementation still exists some resistance, as well as to be and relevant departments to strengthen communication and coordination for the strong cooperation and support departments. At the local level, the introduction of this city devoted to promoting rejection hanging transport development policy is not much, there is no upper and lower linkage enabling policy environment, the policy needs to be further expanded the coverage of some has been introduced to support the development of rejection hanging transport policy has not yet landed.

From a market structure, Shandong Province road freight market concentration is low, fewer large-scale backbone enterprises, enterprise logistics talent shortage, management needs to be improved, rejection hanging transport enterprises "go it alone" phenomenon is more common, affecting the rejection hanging transport intensive and network development; the market order, the control means relative absence of supervision is relatively weak, vicious competition, competing prices down and other issues outstanding, the market order should be standardized; from business operations, the freight operating costs continue to increase, their overall profitability declining; at the same time, enterprises also lack of effective financing channels, the development of rejection hanging transport of restricted funding.

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